Populating user attributes in Microsoft Entra ID with Edusync Microsoft

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Edusync Microsoft is capable of populating certain user attributes utilising data from the school's MIS. Follow the steps below to learn how to operate this feature.

Note: Existing user attributes will be updated when using Edusync Microsoft. If attributes are left empty of fields in Edusync Microsoft, they will not be overwritten as blank. Student job title is hardcoded to "Student" for all student users.


To use this feature, fill out the the boxes in the image below as found on the Edusync Microsoft Settings page.

An example of how the feature should be filled out.
The dropdowns on the right hand side of each box allow you to select one or more fields from the MIS to populate each field with.

Running the sync, either manually or enabling the automated sync, will ensure that attributes included in the feature are updated according to the fields you have entered against each one.

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