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Learn what needs to be kept up to date in your MIS to ensure the smooth running of Edusync Microsoft.

There are certain sections of your schools' MIS that you will need to pay special attention to when operating Edusync Microsoft as well as making sure that any changes to the server are observed.


Edusync Microsoft will reflect the MIS so making sure it is up to date is always a good place to start

  • Make sure that all on roll dates are correct (including start and end dates for staff employment)

  • No leaving dates are entered against users that they shouldn't be (this will stop them coming across to Edusync)

  • Are all teachers and students attached as they should be to the relevant registration groups, year groups, classes, house groups etc for the provision of Entra ID, Groups and Teams by Edusync?


SIMS Server Updates

  • Has the SIMS server been migrated to a new machine? - if so contact Edusync on support@wonde.com to have the Edusync SIMS integration client re-installed and set up correctly.

  • If a seasonal SIMS update has recently been applied but you are not seeing information come over to your Edusync Microsoft directory, you may find that SIMS.net does not open on the server machine. If this occurs, simply restart the machine to see the update applied correctly.

    MIS migrations

  • In the event of your school migrating their MIS from one provider to another, please contact us here at Wonde in this instance also so that we can assist in migrating the sync as seamlessly as possible.


If you believe that data might not be coming across from your MIS to Edusync for any reason, please contact our integrations team on support@wonde.com


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