Initial setup of Edusync Google

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Helping you get Edusync Google up and running in your school.


This guide presumes that Edusync Google has been added to the school's Wonde School Portal via the Wonde Partner Hub.


Edusync Google's primary purpose is to match the user profiles Wonde holds data on from a school's MIS/SIS database, in order to then carry out the provisioning of new users if required and also carry out any other actions you have directed the tool to do so.
The guide below will help you to achieve this in the initial setup of Edusync Google.


Logging in

Navigate to OR depending on which version of the Wonde School Portal you are using.


Find your school and select it or select from the 'Previously selected school' section should this be the school you desire to login to.


Enter your login credentials and login or send yourself a magic link to your mailbox. (You will not be able to use a password to login until you add the option in your account settings, once logged in.)


If you are using a magic link to login, then enter the code in the page that will have loaded on the browser having clicked send magic link and having obtained the code from the email in your mailbox (Subject line: Login to Wonde), alternatively click Sign into Wonde on the email above the code.



Approving access to school MIS/SIS data for Edusync Google


Go to the Wonde School Portal.


Click on the Edusync Google pending approval. You will brought to the settings page for Edusync Google - Now, either click the blue bar at the top on this page or the 'Permissions' tile.


Review the permissions on the drop downs. These permissions denote the data access that Wonde will require for the purposes of the Edusync Google tool. Click Approve access in the top right hand corner when you are happy with the permissions. (At this stage you'll be presented with links to Wonde's Data handling agreement, Terms and conditions and Privacy policy.) Click Approve access again.


Return to the School Portal again to prepare for the next steps (You'll notice that the Edusync Google tile no longer displays 'Pending approval').


Completing the Edusync Google setup wizard


Hover over the Edusync Googletile and click Launch (Click Settings to return to the permissions and other administrative options), This will open Edusync Google in a new tab.


You will be presented with the 3 step setup wizard


The first step of this wizard it login to Google with a Super Admin user (failure to use a super admin account here can result in an error being displayed as certain API permissions may not be available to your user) and grant access to the required Google APIs.


If at any point you encounter difficulty or error messages from Google in attempting to approve the Google API permissions, visit and add 'Wonde User Provision' as an approved application.




Having successfully approved access to the Google APIs you will be brought to the second step of three on the wizard, Settings. You will have access to these settings in the main UI but as part of the initial setup it would be best practice to make sure you get these settings correct as you will be running the sync later on if you follow this guide.


There is another article in this section detailing all of the settings on this page, you can navigate to it here. Once you are happy with the settings you have made in this section and bearing in mind that what you do here will be actioned upon should you run a sync, click Next step at he bottom of the page.


You'll then be brought onto the third which is Matching. Again there is another article in this section shedding more detail on matching users.
Bear in mind here that matching users correctly here will avoid data being duplicated into Google from the school's MIS/SIS.

Matching users correctly here will prevent duplicate data from being imported into Google from the school's MIS/SIS.


Once you are happy with the user matches that you have made in this section, click Match at the bottom of the page.


You will then be brought to the 4th and final step of the setup wizard, Classes. This section of the wizard will allow you to match up existing Google Classrooms with Classrooms in the Wonde database from your schools' MIS/SIS.


Once you are happy with the class matches that you have made in this section, click Save at the bottom of the page.


This will lead you on to the main user interface where, if you are comfortable with all of your settings and users being matched you can click Calculate MIS sync summary.


Providing that everything looks as you would like it to be in the sync summary, click Run sync and wait for all of the actions to be completed in the Sync.


You will see the actions from the summary be undertaken on the sync page.


Once you are happy with the changes that have been made by the sync you may wish to turn on the automatic sync. You can do this by clicking the green button, Enable automatic MIS sync.


This sync will be once per day. It is possible that some changes made in the school's MIS/SIS may take up to 48 hours to be propagated to the Google Workspace tenancy as Wonde's integration with your MIS/SIS runs reports every 2-4 hours and changes made in between reports running maybe missed in the first 24 hour period as Edusync might run the sync to Google before such a time as those changes are picked up.


This sync will run once per day. Some changes made in the school's MIS/SIS may take up to 48 hours to appear in Google Workspace. This is because Wonde's integration with your MIS/SIS runs reports every 2-4 hours, and Edusync may run the sync to Google before those changes are picked up.


That concludes this guide on the initial setup of the Edusync Google but please be sure to read the articles in this section on user Matching, Settings and Manual actions.

Articles in this section

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